BA (Hons.) Economics

Start Date
01 Aug 2019

End Date
31 July 2022

3 Years

Last Date to Apply

15 Jul 2019

Program Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

Programme Details


The Bachelor’s degree Programme in Economics Honors provides theoretical and practical knowledge that makes accurate analysis of the economic situation possible. JSGP Economics graduates must be able to understand the interrelation between the economy and society; to consider economic problems from a global perspective and take a local approach to solving them; to make connections between an economic system’s different components; to gauge the implications of decisions related to economic policy; and to respond to the economic problems arising from society in general and the different units that interact therein (e.g. institutions, private companies and sectors of the economy).


The curriculum covers topics from expanding makets to the impact of 2008 global financial crisis, the BA Eco. (H) Programme is a captivating three years programme that focuses on worldwide issues related to economics and business. This program will develop your analytical and problem solving skills. It will also develop your writing, reading, speaking and presentation skills during the program. Building upon the foundation laid in the first two years in economics and quantitative courses, you can choose from a wide variety of elective courses and specializations in your third year.


An aspiring student should have successfully completed class XII examination with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks with mathematics.

Credit Structure

The three year full-time, residential programme will commence in first week of August. Students are required to successfully complete 85 credits spread over six semesters, write a term paper and undertake at least two internships.


Internships are short periods of professional experience. During an inernship you will be assigned work similar to that off regular staff in different organization. Summer internships generally last from 4-8 weeks; you will be encouraged to take an internship at the end of 1st and 2nd year. The Career Development and Placement Division (CDPD) will help you in securing internships and eventually placements. Some of the places where past JSGP students have interned or got final placements are NITI Aayog, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPEP), Oxfam, Asian Development and Research Institute (ADRI), Bennet Coleman Strategy Group, Ekcho Financial Group, IFFC, Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Open Society Foundation, Centre for Public Policy Research.

Course Structure

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
 Semester 1 Semester 3 Semester 5
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  • Equity and Fairness (ES 01)
  • Colloquium I (ECQ 1)
  • Environmental Studies (ENV 01)
  • Optional
 Semester 2 Semester 4 Semester 6
  • Contracts-I
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  • Introduction to Social Theory (ES 02)
  • Colloquium II (ECQ 2)
  • Optional


Scholarship Program is one of the most common ways which is run by all universities to give financial assistance to the students who come from a financially weaker section but have great possibilities to thrive through their academics. OPJGU has always tried that such students must not be left behind just because of money constraints.


Every year, Merit cum Means Scholarship applications are invited from students and reviewed by the scholarship committee during a series of frequent meetings. Rules and regulations are drafted/amended every year as required. The criterion taken into consideration are merit (CGPA) and means (family income). So many other factors also play an important role like participation in moot courts, debates, sports, cultural activities, societies’ events etc., contribution to university (CDPD & Admissions) and research. The review is done in such a way that maximum students get benefitted.


Students who qualify under Haryana domicile category may be eligible for full or partial fee concession.

Post Program Careers

The BA honours program aims at developing among students a sound theoretical understanding of the subject along with practical applications. The idea is to encourage broad based understanding with greater depth in areas of particular interest to students. Studying economics today opens up several possibilities for the future, and the idea is to guide students select their own trajectory in career advancement. For instance graduates ypically will be suited for investment banks , asset management firms , management consultancy firms, banking and financial services, trading desks, tax and advisory firms, economic consultancy firms, policy think tanks.

Admission Helpline

Mr. Hemant Prakash Sharma
Deputy Director, Admissions and Outreach
M : +91-8396907494
Ms. Chetna
Deputy Manager, Admissions and Outreach
M : + 91- 8930110960
Mr. Navin Anandan
Manager, Admissions and Outreach
M : + 91- 8396907376
Ms. Nishi Mishra
Manager, Admissions and Outreach
M : +91-8396907412

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