Kaveri Ishwar Haritas

Associate Professor & Assistant Dean 

LL.B. (Bangalore University); Master in Development Studies; Ph.D. (Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, Switzerland)


  • Thara, Kaveri. (2017) ‘In troubled waters: water commodification, law, gender and poverty in Bangalore.’ Gender and Development 25(2), 253-268.

  • Thara, Kaveri. (2016) “Protecting caste livelihoods on the western coast of India: an intersectional analysis of Udupi’s fisherwomen.” Environment and Urbanization, Vol 28(2), 423-436.

  •  Haritas, Kaveri (2013) Gender identity in urban poor mobilizations: evidence from Bengaluru, Environment and Urbanisation, Vol 25(1), 125–138.

  • Haritas, Kaveri (2008) ‘Poverty and marginalisation: challenges to poor women’s substantive leadership in urban India’, Gender and Development, Vol. 16, No. 3, November 2008.

Book chapters

  • Thara, Kaveri. (2017) ‘Résistance déguisée et reproduction sociale: la lutte des femmes pauvres pour acceder aux services urbains à Bangalore’. In Verschuur Ch., Guérin I., Hillenkamp I. Genre et économie solidaire, des croisements nécessaires, Cahiers Genre et Développement n°10, L’Harmattan, Genève – Paris., pp. 305-319 (Title of article: Disguised resistance & social reproduction: the struggle of urban poor women to access urban services in Bangalore)
  • Haritas, Kaveri & Seshadri, Shekhar (2012) ‘Story-Telling, A Qualitative Participative Method in Research with Children’ in Seshadri, Shekhar & Maitra, Shubada (eds.) Play: Experiential Methodologies in Developmental and Therapeutic Settings, Orient Blackswan
  • Haritas, Kaveri (2008) ‘Preserving Wellness and Personhood: A Psycho Social Approach to the Child’, in Kalpana Kannabiran & Ranbir Singh (eds.) 2008, Challenging the Rule(s) of Law: Colonialism, Criminology And Human Rights In India, India: Sage Publications.
  • Haritas, Kaveri (2009) Political Engagement of Women in India: the new paradoxes of inequality of sex, class and caste in postcolonial India, in Verschuur, Christine (ed.) Vents d’Est, vents d’Ouest, Mouvements de femmes et féminisme anticoloniaux, Cahiers genres, IHEID.

Urban poverty, gender and development, social movements, economic anthropology, legal anthropology and anthropology of work and labour.