Pradeep Guin

Assistant Professor

BSc. (Statistics); MSc. (Statistics) (University of Delhi); Ph.D. (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Pradeep holds a PhD in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). His primary area of research lies at the intersection of health and environment. His recent research focuses on studying the impact of climate change on human health and health systems in the context of major climatic shocks, air pollution, vector-borne diseases, mortalities due to extreme temperatures, and pharmaceutical drug consumption. He also investigates on issues related to children’s environmental health, particularly studying the long-term human capital effects of toxic environmental exposure.

Prior to joining JSGP, he was with the Public Health Foundation of India.  His experiences include working with health research and policy organizations in India and the U.S. His scholarly work appears in various national and international journals including the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Global Public Health, Economic and Political Weekly, and Health. 

Peer Reviewed

  • Gupta, I., & Guin, P. (2015). Health status and access to health services in Indian slums. Health, 7, 245-255. 
  • Gupta, I., Guin, P., & Trivedi, M. (2013). The new patent regime and disease priorities in India. Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, 8(1), 37-54. 
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  • Mathur, A. S., & Guin, P. K. (2006). Issues on trade in environmental goods and services.  Economic and Political Weekly, 41(45), 4675-4683.

Book Chapters

  • Gupta, I., Trivedi, M., & Guin, P. (2011). HIV/AIDS in Bellary: A human development perspective. In S. C. Gulati (Ed.) Population, health and human resources in India’s development (pp. 447-472). New Delhi: Academic Foundation. 

Public Policy, Public health, Environmental Health, Climate Change, Children’s Environmental Health